Marking a significant milestone in humanitarian and developmental efforts in areas affected by displacement and conflict, the Education Above All (EAA) Foundation in collaboration with Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and with designs by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), has inaugurated Katara Village in Qabasin, northeast of Al-Bab in northern Syria. This initiative, according to a statement from EAA, underscores the foundation's commitment to providing education and shelter for vulnerable populations worldwide.
Katara Village is an embodiment of innovation and hope aimed at offering displaced families a decent life beyond the constraints of refugee camps. Constructed to meet the highest humanitarian and environmental standards, the village features educational, health and services facilities, offering a sustainable and inclusive environment for individuals striving to rebuild their lives amidst conflict and displacement.
With four school units and a meticulously designed 175 sqm facility, the village provides a modern learning environment tailored to the needs of displaced children. Developed in collaboration with ZHA, this educational space not only facilitates traditional learning but also serves as a flexible hub for diverse educational activities and community engagements. Equipped with essential educational resources and designed to foster a safe, engaging, and stimulating atmosphere, the classrooms symbolise resilience and underscore the transformative power of education in rebuilding lives.
Since 2015, EAA has partnered with ZHA to revolutionise temporary learning spaces for school children (OOSC). ZHA-EAA innovative tents are currently being used as schools for hundreds of displaced children in Pakistan, Turkey, and Yemen.
"We believe in education as a catalyst for change and sustainable development. Katara Village exemplifies this belief, providing children and youth in need with an opportunity to learn and grow in safe and stimulating environments," said Mohamed al-Kubaisi from EAA.
Faisal Mohamed al-Emadi, Acting Secretary-General of QRCS, emphasised the importance of this leading partnership with EAA, which over the years resulted in dozens of fruitful humanitarian projects to help victims of conflict and disasters everywhere and improve their living conditions. He promised to provide every form of understanding and resources, towards stronger bilateral coordination and collaboration.
The village consists of 30 Zaha Hadid innovative tents, uniquely coated for fire resistance and weather insulation. This pioneering approach by EAA to the education of refugee and displaced children in northern Syria provides decent transitional housing for the increasing number of displaced people worldwide. Designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid, these structures prioritise durability and portability, ensuring resilience against adverse weather conditions, while allowing for easy dismantling and reassembly as needed.
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