MetaMosque, an app that integrates virtual reality mosque tours, an intelligent Muslim AI companion, and a social platform for users worldwide, has been launched.
The app, available on iOS, Android, PC, and MetaQuest, is designed to provide a holistic and enriching experience for individuals seeking cultural, spiritual, and social connections, a statement said Tuesday.
“MetaMosque Virtual Reality Tours: Take a journey across continents and explore the architectural wonders of the world’s most iconic mosques,” the statement said.
“MetaMosque offers users an immersive and educational experience, allowing them to appreciate the beauty and significance of these sacred spaces from the comfort of their own homes.”
“Muslim AI Companion: Enhance your daily life with the Muslim AI companion, a smart app available across multiple platforms,” it continued.
“The Muslim AI app is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the global Muslim community,” the statement added. Access a rich repository of Islamic knowledge and set personalised reminders for religious events, creating a seamless integration of technology with spirituality.”
“MetaMosque Social Platform: Beyond virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI), MetaMosque serves as a dynamic social hub, connecting individuals from around the world,” the statement said. “Engage with like-minded individuals, share cultural experiences, and foster connections in a supportive community environment.
“The platform encourages dialogue, understanding, and the celebration of diversity, creating a virtual gathering space that transcends geographical boundaries.”
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