The Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (Gord) has launched its new Centre of Excellence, Gord 3D at the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (Dimdex) 2024, which concluded Wednesday.
With this launch, Gord 3D has emerged among the region’s leading additive manufacturing facilities, equipped with highly sophisticated prototyping and 3D printing technologies, a statement said.
During the three-day event, experts representing Gord 3D presented a range of printers equipped with advanced 3D printing technologies, capable of working with various materials such as metal, polymers, and composites.
The team also showcased a collection of 3D printed objects, offering visitors an opportunity to explore and observe the final products, catering to the needs of diverse sectors including oil and gas, aerospace, medical, construction, military and defence, automotive and food production, etc.
Dr Yousef Alhorr, founding chairman of Gord, said: “Additive manufacturing through 3D printing has the power to transform industries, and our presence at Dimdex 2024 highlights Gord 3D's forward-looking solutions that can help various industries in embracing a climate-resilient future. By creating 3D printed prototypes and critical spare parts catering to the needs of diverse sectors, including military and defense, we can help organisations not only reduce waste but also revolutionise their production processes.”
Gord 3D's suite of services encompasses 3D scanning, reverse engineering, CAD modelling, 3D metals, polymers and composites printing, and digital inventory, all underpinned by rigourous quality control measures. Gord 3D fabricates high-fidelity prototypes with unparalleled precision with advanced additive manufacturing technologies such as bound metal deposition, metal powder bed fusion, selective laser sintering, filament fabrication, fused deposition modelling and extrusion deposition modelling 3D printing technology using large format robotic arm.
Gord 3D is poised to play a crucial role in promoting eco-friendly manufacturing practices. "Our vision is to lead the way in sustainable manufacturing," said Dr Alhorr. "Through continuous innovation and collaboration, we aim to create a more resilient and environmentally friendly manufacturing ecosystem."
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