HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim al-Thani emphasised that the launch of the 6th Qatar-US Strategic Dialogue represents a landmark in the historic partnership between the two nations, lauding the wide range of co-operation between the two countries, in fields including defence, regional stability, and business.
Addressing the 6th Qatar-US Strategic Dialogue held in the US capital Washington, he said Qatar not only considers the United States a close ally, but a partner and friend as well, adding that he is grateful for this relationship that will bring shared benefits for the peoples of the two nations.
Since the last Strategic Dialogue, there have been unprecedented challenges and crises representing a test for the region, but unfortunately some of them are still dragging on, HE Sheikh Mohamed noted, confirming that the joint engagement between the two countries, which is based on confidence, transparency, and communication, has been the major factor in creating a united front and achieving positive results.
HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs added that Qatar has relentlessly worked in Gaza recently with friends in the United States and other international partners to put an end to the war, emphasising that they agreed on the importance of stopping this war, release all hostages and allow the delivery of critical humanitarian aid.
HE Sheikh Mohamed affirmed that he is hopeful about reaching a durable ceasefire that entirely puts an end to bloodshed, underscoring that the economic relationships between two countries have become far more robust than ever with the remarkable increase in bilateral trade. He pointed out that the United States remains a major trade partner and a direct foreign investor in Qatar.
HE Sheikh Mohamed highlighted that this year's dialogue features new sessions to underscore the evolving landscape of global challenges and co-operation, including the emerging technology and planning the strategic policies and communications, adding that with the US participation in hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup, alongside Canada and Mexico,Qatar is honoured to share its experiences and ideas on the World Cup, particularly on creating a secure and inclusive atmosphere for local and foreign fans.
HE Sheikh Mohamed affirmed that he is confident that the launch of the 6th Strategic Dialogue will culminate in positive and tangible outcomes for the two friendly nations, thanking all participants for their efforts in preparing this dialogue.
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