Filmmakers participating in Doha Film Institute's Qumra 2024 stressed the importance of its role in amplifying new voices in cinema, and praised the support that emerging filmmakers attain throughout the filmmaking process, from scriptwriting to screening.
Now in its 10th edition, Qumra 2024 provides networking and development opportunities for more than 40 projects by emerging filmmakers from over 20 countries, as part of its mission to accelerate their success and prepare them to tell their stories to audiences around the world.
Algerian director Yannis Koussim (feature film Roqia – Algeria, France, Qatar) described Qumra as unique, expressing his fascination with the level of organisation, the opportunity to meet industry experts, and the passion and interest for cinema in Qatar.
“For me, Qumra is an ideal experience as it provides me with experiences, ideas, relationships and meetings that I haven’t had for years. I had the opportunity to find a French producer for my next film, and it won't be the last film, of course,” Koussim said.
Producer Tina Tišljar (Bruno Ankovic's Celebration – Croatia, Qatar), said: “Our experience with Doha Film Institute was not limited to funding support, but the experience has been exciting and rewarding. Participating in Qumra is an opportunity to meet filmmakers from around the world and to observe the similarities and differences between Arab and international cinema."
Director Rita Mahfouz and producer Josef Khallouf of the short film, The Land Was Well Past its Zenith (Lebanon, Qatar), said the support of DFI has been invaluable, especially at a time when the creative industry and talents need it the most.
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