Ministers of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) emphasised the role of the global gas industry in achieving a smooth and fair energy transition.
This came during the opening of the extraordinary ministerial meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum in Algiers, on the eve of the forum's seventh summit.
In this context, Algerian Minister of Energy and Mines Mohamed Arkab described the summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum as an important and prominent milestone for enhancing dialogue and constructive co-operation among member states.
The Algerian official stressed in his speech during the meeting the commitment and collective awareness of the need to intensify co-operation and consultation, and to move forward in formulating effective proposals and recommendations to be raised at tomorrow's summit, in order to make decisions and address the challenges that member countries will face in the future.
Arkab said that his country has worked with determination and dedication to ensure the success of the summit, and enable the leaders of the forum's member states to discuss the most important issues related to co-operation in developing and supporting the role of natural gas in achieving prosperity for member countries and contributing to global energy security.
He pointed out that the meeting comes in the context of major geopolitical and structural changes in energy markets, especially gas, which necessitate studying and addressing key issues, including the gradual transition to a global economy based on clean energy, in order to address climate change, which represents a challenge and an opportunity at the same time.
He expected natural gas, which is considered the energy of the future, to play a fundamental role in achieving a smooth and fair energy transition in the long term, as confirmed by many studies, especially those conducted by the Gas Exporting Countries Forum.
The Algerian minister explained that in addition to this, investment in natural gas resources requires high capital intensity, so it was necessary to conduct continuous and serious dialogue between producers and consumers to build a common visionary view that recognises the growing role of natural gas in the global energy mix, as a sustainable and competitive source, ensuring energy security, provided that it is valued better and fairly for all.
He emphasised that technology will be crucial for the future of natural gas, and Algeria is honoured to host the headquarters of the gas research institute affiliated with the forum, which was inaugurated Friday, and which will be a key tool to stimulate scientific cooperation in the fields of research and technological innovation for the development of the natural gas industry, especially through priority joint projects aimed at building flexible and sustainable energy systems.
For his part, the Minister of Petroleum and Energies of Senegal Aissatou Sophie Gladima said that his country seeks to become a member of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum and to approach all members of this forum to benefit from their experiences, exchange partnerships, and experiences in gas production.
He added that Senegal relies on gas as a strategic natural resource friendly to the environment to grow the economy by the year 2035, through the exploitation of gas fields discovered in 2014, which have reached an advanced stage of work, describing them as the hope of the Senegalese people, expecting his country to start gas production in the third quarter of the current year.
Iraq Minister of Oil Hayyan Abdul Ghani, said that the forum is of great importance, just as gas is important in the world today, as it represents the interests of consuming and producing countries.
Abdul Ghani added that gas today is considered a vital resource for many diverse industries, including various petrochemicals, which necessitates focusing on this gas industry, especially since the basis of these industrial revolutions, gas, is considered a transitional fuel that is clean and environmentally friendly compared to other materials.
He revealed the launch of many investments in gas inside Iraq, confirming that it is making steady and significant progress. The Iraqi oil minister called on all countries to consider Iraq as an investment destination in gas projects, especially, revealing his country's ambition to transition from an importing country to a future exporting country.
The Minister of Oil, Mines and Energy of Mauritania Nani Ould Chrougha said that his country adopts all the commitments of the seventh Gas Exporting Countries Forum to achieve the set goals in order to enhance energy transition and make gas a driver for sustainable and social development.
He added that Mauritania looks forward to active participation and development of experiences and their exchange, and that the country highly values the establishment of the gas research institute, adding that there is no doubt that the experience of Algeria will have a prominent role in activating this institute and benefiting from it.
The Minister of Energy of Russia Nikolay Shulginov said that the exploitation of gas energy is a balanced plan for the future, praising the great role played by the forum countries in maintaining global energy security.
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