Qatar News Agency (QNA) concluded, at its training center, on Thursday the mandatory foundation program for new QNA employees, as part of a series of courses and programs it organizes to train its cadres and raise their efficiency and capabilities, in a way that enhances its performance and media mission.
The ten-day foundation program, with the participation of 17 new employees from various QNA departments, aimed to familiarize the participants with the mechanism of work in Qena and provide them with the necessary skills to carry out their journalistic, technical, administrative, and legal tasks to the fullest extent.
The program also sought to develop the capabilities of QNA's employees and cadres in line with its plan and vision to develop its media, journalistic, technical, and administrative cadres, and to raise their professional competence by benefiting from the expertise of its lecturers and specialists.
At the conclusion of the program, the trainees presented a graduation project that included the implementation and presentation of an integrated report on all QNA departments, and the mechanism of joint work in them. to demonstrate how much they benefited from the training course.
Through its training center, QNA is in the process of issuing a booklet on media translation and another booklet that represents a guide for new employees. (QNA)
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