A parent training programme called, 'Rifd' by Awsaj Academy, is transforming the role of parents within the educational sphere, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to support their children's learning journey and overcome challenges effectively.
Raja’a Eid Shalabi, head of Inclusion, Student Welfare, and Community Engagement at Awsaj Academy, part of Qatar Foundation’s (QF) Pre-University Education, said: "The inception of Rifd stemmed from a deep commitment to creating a supportive educational ecosystem. We wanted to equip parents with the tools and knowledge to navigate and address academic challenges effectively.
"We discovered a need for a more comprehensive educational approach. To address this, we launched in-depth courses and workshops aimed at providing parents with a thorough understanding of the strategies and techniques crucial for supporting their children’s learning."
Rifd offers a diverse range of courses and workshops tailored to address the specific needs of parents and educators grappling with academic challenges. These include specialised subjects such study habits, ADHD, behaviour management, as well as challenges in reading and writing and the development of communication skills.
Shalabi points out that parents sometimes struggle with understanding educational methods and strategies, which can lead to confusion when trying to help their children, saying: "The lack of alignment between teaching at home and in the classroom not only hinders children's learning but also poses challenges for teachers."
Shalabi noted: "The programme has significantly positively impacted our community by equipping parents with practical skills and improving collaboration between educators and parents. And it's remarkable how some parents have transitioned to become presenters, sharing their insights and supporting others through discussions."
According to Shalabi, this evolution underscores the programme's broad impact, fostering acceptance and support within families and emphasising their critical role in education.
Shalabi also emphasised the necessity of continuous learning and skill enhancement for parents and educators in supporting children with academic challenges, saying: "Staying updated with current educational strategies enables them to offer tailored support, make informed choices, and collaborate efficiently. This continuous improvement strengthens their confidence, and fosters both personal and professional growth, ultimately boosting their ability to assist students academically."
Registration is still open for a range of workshops for season 3, which will take place from May 6 to June 6. The sessions are offered face-to-face, and others are offered online and open to people in Qatar, GCC, and other countries.
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