Expo 2023 Doha organised several environmental events, activities, and competitions on the occasion of Qatar Environment Day on Monday to enhance environmental awareness among visitors as an an integral part of the "Green Desert, Better Environment" initiative. Accordingly, HE Dr Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Subaie, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, toured the Expo, which included several pavilions representing the Qatari environment. He attended a lecture on wildlife in the Qatari environment, emphasizing Qatar's unique environmental life and highlighting the animals and birds living in the Qatari environment.
Another lecture highlighted the importance of medicinal wild plants, and an environmental competition was also organized. The documentary film "Pearl of the Sands" was screened, and several workshops were held at the Innovation Center to promote environmental awareness among visitors, focusing on recycling and seed planting techniques.
There were also a number traditional tents, each showcasing a heritage craft, alongside workshops and educational sessions allowing visitors to explore Qatari traditions through practical activities. The events included traditional games, promoting family relationships and social bonds, along with outdoor sports activities for boys and girls.
It also featured projects from various entities, such as schools. Besides, the exhibition area displayed a smart carpet project to repel reptiles during camping, presented by a Primary School for girls. The carpet includes sensors connected to a mobile application, triggering an alarm if any reptiles approach, warning of the presence of harmful wild insects such as snakes and lizards, thus providing a safe environment for campers, especially children.
Moreover, the exhibition included a display of various wild plants found in the Qatari environment, such as the "Arabian boxthorn," a shrub with many branches reaching heights between 1-3m, besides other plants. There were also some marine animals found in the Qatari environment, including the Hawksbill turtle. These creatures play a vital role in marine ecosystems.
The exhibition further included a display of coral reefs in Qatar, which contain important and diverse coral reefs, representing an essential part of the marine ecosystem in the region, serving as a vital habitat for various marine species such as fish, mollusks, and the coral reefs themselves.
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