As part of its efforts to promote public hygiene practices and preserving environmental resources for future generations, the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) participated in the programme of cleaning Qatari beaches, by cleaning the Zekreet Beach, located 50 miles west of Doha.
The campaign, conducted in collaboration with the DeapQatar Conservation Company, involved the participation of over 130 employees with their families, demonstrating high enthusiasm and with teamwork from various departments, making the campaign a shining example towards a better environment and a promising future for the next generation, as part of continuous efforts to clean and prepare beaches to receive the public.
Dr Maryam Abdullah al-Muslemani, director at PHCC's Occupational Health and Safety Department, stressed Qatar Vision 2030's goal of transforming Qatar into an advanced country capable of achieving sustainable development, ensuring a decent standard of living for its people generation after generation. This vision is based on main challenges, among which are economic, social development, environmental protection and development.
Accordingly, the vision adopted environmental development as one of the four pillars to ensure environmental management that achieves harmony and coherence between economic and social development and environmental protection. The state works to protect the environment and its natural balance, achieving comprehensive and sustainable development for all generations. The campaign was launched under the slogan "Let's Work Together for a Clean Qatar (Better Environment, Better Tomorrow)."
Dr Al-Muslemani pointed out that the PHCC, represented by the Occupational Health and Safety Department, has initiated the introduction of various programmes aimed at environmental protection (air quality monitoring programmes, safe management of primary healthcare waste, hazardous materials management and other waste management). One of the most important indicators posing a significant threat to the environment is "plastic pollution in oceans and seas," as estimates indicate that around 19-23mn tonnes of plastic leakage into aquatic ecosystems annually.
National Environment Day, " Our Earth Our Legacy," coincides with a statement by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser: "We need to pay attention to our natural environment, which God has entrusted to us as a responsibility so that we invest in it responsibly and respectfully for the benefit of humanity. There is no doubt that our environment will reciprocate care if we are proactive in caring for it."
Meanwhile, Nadia Mansour, director of Occupational Safety at the Occupational Health and Safety Department, stressed that the campaign aimed to activate the corporation's role in achieving Qatar's vision in environmental development, by enabling community institutional participation through active involvement in beach cleaning, contributing to environmental awareness and sustainability, and setting an example of serious and responsible work, as well as encouraging individual roles within the teamwork.
"This campaign has had a positive impact on the participating employees and on all those working in the corporation, and we hope that this impact will extend to various segments of society. We also look forward to more initiatives we are currently working on, such as increasing green spaces through tree planting initiatives," she concluded.
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