The Cultural Village Foundation-Katara launched the 8th edition of Mahaseel Festival Sunday. The event, organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality and the Qatari Farmers Forum, runs until April 15.
Director of the Agricultural Affairs Department Eng Youssef Khaled al-Khulaifi said the partnership with Katara continues for the eighth year, adding that he is proud to partner with the Qatari Farmers Forum.
Praising the role of the festival in caring, supplying and marketing for the local products, al-Khulaifi highlighted that the festival constitutes a cultural platform to showcase these products through which development of local production can be understood, along with the exhibited products such as honey, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, flowers and various nurseries, affirming that this edition draws an evolution in the showcased products and the huge turnout from a variety of community segments.
Regarding the challenges facing the Qatari farmer, al-Khulaifi indicated that local production primarily hinges on water consumption prompting the farmers to maintain optimal utilisation of water resources and compete the imported products.
He hailed the merits of local agricultural products, in terms of their high quality, specially that they are harvested and displayed directly in markets, attracting the consumers, and occupying a premium status in the consumption market in Qatar.
For his part, Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Mahaseel Festival Salman al-Nuaimi said that the new edition will see a growing participation by Qatari farms and apiaries and national food companies. It attracts about 31 local farms and 10 nurseries that sell ornamental plants and flower seedlings, in addition to 10 national companies specialised in foodstuffs, poultry, meat, dairy, eggs, and juices.
The festival has become prominent among visitors of Katara to purchase fresh local products, because of their variety and high quality, affirming that the prime objective of the festival emanates from the top priority Qatar gives to local production of agricultural crops and national food products.
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