The Roads Operation and Maintenance Department at the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has started works on Al Zubara Road as part of the Existing Road Rehabilitation Programme.
The project, according to a statement from Ashghal, features renovating the lighting poles, road signs and directional boards in addition to rehabilitating and replacing the old asphalt layers with new ones.
The 36km long Al Zubara Road project runs from Al Shamal Road to Al Zubarah Fort. The project is expected to be completed in December 2024. It was planned to start the project based on a strategic plan to develop and improve roads.
To improve traffic flow and the safety of Al Zubara Road users, the appropriate traffic diversions are put in place. With smooth traffic on the main road, the first phases of the road shoulders' rehabilitation have begun on both sides. Traffic will be then rerouted to the road's shoulders so that the main road's rehabilitation can continue after the work is concluded. To accommodate properly the locals and other road users, this traffic diversion technique keeps the road open until the project is completed.
The technical support team for pavement in the Roads Operation and Maintenance Department at Ashghal has examined the road and determined the appropriate maintenance mechanism. According to the road condition assessment report, the foundation layer requires maintenance and the existing paving layers need to be replaced as the road's condition has been deteriorating over time.
Engineer Ahmad Rashid al-Kubaisi, Road Operations and Maintenance Department manager said the asphalt layers on both sides of the road were removed and replaced with new paving materials, ensuring the implementation of the Green Building Initiative in this project.
The project consists of building the new road using recycled asphalt waste as per Qatar’s Sustainable Development Strategy. “Later on, the quality of the repaired pavement layers will be examined to make sure it complies with Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS) before re-opening the road for the public,” he added.
The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) has been applied to reduce road accidents on Al Zubarah Road by installing sensors on the edge and middle of the main road to alert the driver if the vehicle deviates from the route.
As a result, road barriers will be used on turns and lateral slopes to protect road users from hazards, streetlights will be extended and high-intensity reflective materials will be used in traffic signs and directional boards to improve visibility in the evening and reduce road accidents, particularly at night.
In terms of creating suitable designs and authorised implementation methods to improve traffic safety while upgrading and developing the Al Shamal Area, the Al Zubarah Road project stands as a vital example. It also complies with Ashghal's Green and Sustainability Strategy and how it is applied in road rehabilitation.
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