Snoonu, the fastest growing Qatari tech company, is set to make a significant impact at this year's Web Summit. The company is thrilled to announce its participation in the event, where it will be hosting workshops led by its top international tech leaders and product experts.
With a focus on innovation and expertise in the tech industry, Snoonu aims to share valuable insights and knowledge with attendees at the Web Summit. The workshops will cover a range of topics including the latest trends in technology, best practices in tech delivery, and strategies for success in the digital age.
In addition to the workshops, Snoonu will have a dedicated booth at the Web Summit where attendees can engage with the company's team, learn more about its services, and explore potential collaboration opportunities. The booth will showcase the company's commitment to excellence in tech delivery and its dedication to driving innovation in the industry.
"We are thrilled to be a part of this year's Web Summit and to have the opportunity to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts and industry leaders," said Nikita Gordeev, CTO of Snoonu. "Our team is looking forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise through our workshops and engaging with attendees at our booth. We are excited to be a part of this vibrant tech community and to contribute to the conversation around the future of technology."
“Attendees at the Web Summit are encouraged to visit Snoonu's booth and participate in the workshops to learn from the company's top international tech leaders and discover how Snoonu is shaping the future of tech delivery” added Metthew Nef, Chief Product Officer at Snoonu.
For more information about Snoonu and its participation at the Web Summit, please check Snoonu’s page on Web Summit application or follow the company on social media for live updates from the event.
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