The 8th edition of the Mahaseel Festival is set to start from Sunday at the Cultural Village Foundation Katara.
It is organised by Katara in co-operation with the Ministry of Municipality and the Qatari Farmers' Forum from February 25 to April 15.
Salman al-Nuaimi, head of the organising committee of the festival, expressed his happiness that the eighth edition coincides with Katara hosting Halal Qatar Festival. He noted that the festival provides Katara visitors with a distinctive marketing platform where the finest Qatari crops and agricultural products, including vegetables, honey, local dates, meat, eggs, poultry, are showcased from 9am to 9pm daily.
He pointed out that the new edition is witnessinga growing participation from Qatari farms, apiaries, and national food companies, attracting 24 local farms, eight nurseries selling ornamental plants and flower seedlings, alongside 10 national companies specialising in food, poultry, meat, dairy products, eggs, and juices.
He stressed that the annual launch of the festival reaffirms Katara's commitment to supporting agriculture, animal wealth, national food products, and encouraging Qatari farmers. He noted that the festival represents a qualitative leap in supporting the national economy and the agricultural sector in Qatar, creating an incentive to invest in crops and food products, in addition to providing a marketing platform for selling vegetables, honey and dates that Qatar is renowned for, at good prices. It also serves as a promotional and educational platform to introduce Qatari agricultural production and related food industries.
Al-Nuaimi pointed out that this edition of the festival includes a variety of accompanying activities and distinguished cultural events that would enhance public awareness of the importance of agricultural and food production, as well as animal wealth. The festival also supports producing families, through giving them a platform to display their traditional popular dishes and handmade products and crafts.
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