Local products of vegetables are set to be able to supply the increasing demand for vegetables during the holy month of Ramadan this year, as it coincides with the peak of the production season of local farms, a number of local farm owners stressed.
Speaking to local Arabic daily Arrayah they said that the local agriculture season is coming closer to its peak, and larger amounts of vegetables are expected to hit the local market soon. They pointed out that demand on certain types of vegetables during Ramadan often increases by 50% compared with other times of the year, especially demand for tomatoes, cucumber and other leafy vegetables.
Mohamed al-Kaabi pointed out that his farm produces a good number of vegetable types including capsicum, cucumber, strawberry, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and others. He said that his farm will continue to supply its products to the local market in various ways during Ramadan. He said that he adopts two different marketing methods simultaneously. He opens the gates of his farm on weekends for shoppers to pick themselves their needs, and the rest of the weekdays, his workers pick the vegetables and take them to the marketplace.
Ali Nuh al-Mutawa said that he markets his farm products through various outlets, with last year's production amounting to 100 tonnes of vegetables and he expected to surpass this amount, this year. He said that at the start of Ramadan demand for vegetables increases by almost 50% and this goes down as the period ends. Accordingly, his farm is ready to cater for such a demand.
Dr Rashid al-Kuwari said that due to the timing of Ramadan this year, local vegetables would be naturally available at the market as most local farms are currently in their peak production. He said that his farm has so far produced around 400 tonnes of various types of vegetables.
Eng Abdulrahman al-Obaidan said that production this year is set to increase to meet the rising demand. He said that his farm adopted early season planting to be able to supply the necessary amounts during the holy month.
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