QIIB hosted students from Qatar Academy in two batches as part of their ‘professional day’ at the bank headquarters recently.
QIIB’s hosting of the professional day for students comes as part of the bank's implementation of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, which focuses on providing value addition to community through various activities, with education at the forefront.
QIIB chief executive officer Dr Abdulbasit Ahmad al-Shaibei warmly welcomed the students, noting that Qatar Academy stands as a premier educational institution in the country.
He said QIIB is keen to collaborate with Qatar Academy and share its expertise with the students, who through their frequent visits to the bank, have demonstrated enthusiasm for success and excellence, as well as a commitment to serving their community and contributing to their nation’s development.
The meeting with the students was attended by Jamal Abdullah al-Jamal, QIIB Deputy CEO; Ali Hamad al-Musaifri, head (Human Resources and Administration) and Khaled Abdul Rahman al-Shaibei, head (Business Development).
During his meeting with the students, the CEO provided a historical overview of Islamic banking, tracing its evolution through the years up to its current state globally and, more specifically, in Qatar.
He emphasised that Qatar has become a leading force in Islamic banking, actively contributing to the development of Islamic banking products and transactions, while collaborating closely with various stakeholders involved in this field.
Al-Shaibei extended his best wishes to the students, encouraging them to pursue their academic and educational aspirations in their chosen disciplines.
He underscored the importance of focusing on both theoretical and practical aspects of their studies, and advised them to choose their university specialisations based on their preferences and the demands of the job market.
This, he noted, would greatly assist them in their future academic and professional paths.
He emphasised, “QIIB will continue its commitment to providing unwavering support to various education-related activities, recognising education as the path to the future.
“Islamic banks are required to keep up with advancements in science, technology, and the digital revolution. This compels them to invest in the current generation, extending a helping hand to them for the purpose of embarking on their journey, making innovations and acquiring knowledge that contributes to the deepening of Qatar's progress and prosperity”.
As part of the professional day activities, the students conducted a tour of various departments within the bank. They received a detailed explanation about Islamic banking services and products, banking practices and techniques, and related technologies. Additionally, they gained understanding of the importance of technological advancement, cybersecurity, and other specialised areas that hold exceptional significance across various sectors, especially the banking sector.
Qatar Academy students raised numerous inquiries related to banking operations, exploring the differences and similarities between traditional and Islamic banking.
At the conclusion of the visit, the teachers and students who participated in Qatar Academy's professional day expressed their gratitude and appreciation to QIIB for supporting the students and hosting them annually at its headquarters in order to familiarise them with the skills and expertise related to Islamic banking and working in banks, thus contributing to refining the students' knowledge and broadening their future perspectives.
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