International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Qatar has formed a steering committee for its Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation, which is a specialised working body composed of business experts who examine major issues of interest to the business world.
Non-members are now able to participate in the advocacy part of the commission for a limited time as commission members. This means that non-members are eligible to attend commission meetings and participate. The kick-off and first commission meeting is scheduled to take place on March 3, 2024.
To encourage non-members to enjoy all membership benefits, ICC Qatar has introduced new and reduced fees. Current members can also renew with the new fees. Those interested in joining or nominating a candidate can reach out to ICC Qatar at [email protected] or +974 44 555 896 or +974 44 55 9124.
Additionally, ICC Qatar announced the appointment of Qatar Chamber board member Ali al-Misnad as the vice-chairman of the Customs and Trade Facilitation Commission. He brings over 38 years of leadership experience in logistics management, business development, and consultancy.
“These appointments mark a crucial milestone in the establishment of the commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation, emphasising our commitment to fostering collaboration and driving positive change within the industry. In light of these appointments, the Commission is now actively seeking members to contribute their expertise and insights.
“We invite members of the private sector, including but not limited to legal consultants, customs brokers, chambers of commerce, logistics providers, associations, transport service suppliers, insurance providers, banks/finance institutions, and freight forwarders, importers and exporters, and academia to join us in shaping the future of this dynamic commission,” stated ICC Qatar.
Al-Misnad said, “We are establishing this commission at a timely moment to further enhance trade facilitation practices. This milestone aims to uplift the nation to a higher level on the international stage as well as develop more efficient and productive trade facilitation practices to benefit and serve Qatar’s private sector members.
“There are already many ongoing advancements, and one notable attribute of Qatar is our proactive readiness to embrace changes and adapt to new industry standards, regulations, technologies, and infrastructures”.
He added: “This commission is relevant to every corner of business, every department, and every person in business. Within the commission, we will capture the voice of businesses in Qatar and together pave the way to make business more conducive by developing national policy products through lobbying efforts with relevant regulatory bodies and local authorities such as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the General Authority of Customs.
“Additionally, we will engage in developing international policy products hand-in-hand with organisations, such as the World Customs Organisation (WCO), World Trade Organisation (WTO), and the ICC, among others. Essentially, our broader mission is to make trade simpler.”
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