The Indonesian Overseas Election Committee Chapter Qatar or PPLN Qatar announced the successful completion of the Indonesian overseas general election, held in Qatar recently.
PPLN is a body responsible for facilitating and overseeing the electoral process for Indonesian citizens living abroad. It operates under the supervision of the General Elections Commission of Indonesia and plays a crucial role in ensuring that overseas Indonesians have the opportunity to participate in elections.
In a statement, PPLN noted that a total of 3,652 Indonesian citizens in Qatar exercised their right to vote. The results of the election calculation for Indonesian citizens in Qatar place the Anies-Muhaimin pair in the first position with 2,356 votes (65.0%), followed by Prabowo-Gibran with 750 votes (20.7%), and Ganjar-Mahfud with 517 votes (14.3%).
For the acquisition of seats in the House of Representatives (DPR), the top five positions are occupied by PKS, PDIP, PSI, Partai Ummat, and Partai Gerindra.
Two polling locations were set up in Qatar Sports Club, Doha and Al Thakira Youth Club, Al Thakira. Additionally, mobile ballot boxes and postal voting mechanisms were also deployed to ensure those who are living in remote areas and who are unable to come to the physical polling stations can still cast their ballots.
The vote counting took place simultaneously worldwide, on February 14 and 15. To ensure impartiality, the seven non-government members of PPLN Qatar were selected amongst Indonesians who reside in Qatar through a rigorous vetting process.
PPLN, Election Supervisory Committee in Qatar and the Indonesian embassy in Doha extend their appreciation to the Qatar government for its assistance in facilitating permits, providing venues for the election, and ensuring safe and secure operations.
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