Qatar Auto Museum, under the umbrella of Qatar Museums (QM) and in collaboration with Microsoft, The Ministry of Education, CTS, and Seashore Group, has launched a competition – “Block By Block: Designing Sustainable Transportation in Minecraft” - challenging students to craft a sustainable mode of transportation within the virtual world of Minecraft.
The task is to design an eco-friendly transportation system that minimises environmental impact while efficiently moving characters across the Minecraft landscape. Whether it's a network of solar-powered Minecart railway, pedal-powered bicycles, electric-powered boats, or any other innovative mode of transit, the goal is to demonstrate creativity, functionality, and, most importantly, sustainability.
Participants will showcase their creations, emphasising elements such as renewable energy use, minimal carbon footprint, and efficient travel mechanisms. Entries will be judged based on sustainability, practicality, aesthetics, and overall impact on the Minecraft world.
Applications will be judged based on the following criteria:
• Sustainability: How effectively does the transportation system minimise environmental impact?
• Functionality: How practical and efficient is the transportation mode in moving characters across distances within the Minecraft world?
• Innovation and Creativity: How original, creative, and unique is the design? How inventive is the transportation mode compared to conventional methods?
• Aesthetics: How visual appealing is the transportation system within the Minecraft environment? How well does it blend into the surroundings?
• Scalability and Adaptability: Can the transportation system be easily expanded or modified to accommodate changes or future needs within the Minecraft world?
• Resource Efficiency: How efficiently are materials used in constructing and operating the transportation system, and energy used?

A link to a video recording with an explanation of the creation on Minecraft must be submitted to participate. The deadline for submission is 28th of February 2024. Prizes will be awarded by Seashore group.
The competition is being held in conjunction with Qatar Auto Museum’s most recent exhibition The Bicycle and the Future of Mobility, currently on view at Expo 2023 Doha located in Al Bidda Park until March 16.
The exhibition focuses its attention on the bicycle: a 200-year-old technological innovation that kickstarted the development of virtually all powered mobility and might very well hold the key to its future. It invites visitors to consider the fundamental question: how will we move in the future?