The Embassy of Peru inaugurated the Peru Pavilion at Expo 2023 Doha, a statement said. The opening ceremony was attended by dignitaries including Expo 2023 Doha commissioner general ambassador Bader Omar al-Dafa, and Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Americas director Almuhannad Ali al-Hammadi.
Speaking on the occasion, Peruvian ambassador José A Benzaquen Perea highlighted the remarkable growth of Peruvian agriculture in recent decades. Products such as blueberries, asparagus, quinoa, avocado Hass; mangoes, grapes, coffee, and cocoa are now in high demand worldwide, particularly in Qatar.
The envoy also emphasised the rich agricultural heritage of ancient Peruvian cultures, whose techniques such as advanced irrigation systems continue to inspire modern practices. Notably, Peru has the origin of over 4,500 potato varieties and boasts the highly nutritious quinoa, considered the grain with the highest nutritional value on the planet.
Ambassador Benzaquen further noted the ongoing large-scale irrigation projects in Peru is transforming previously arid areas into thriving agricultural regions. He also drew attention to the five acclaimed Peruvian restaurants in Doha, underlining the global recognition achieved by Peruvian gastronomy thanks to its exceptional ingredients.
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