The National Committee for Qualifications and Academic Accreditation (NCQAA) held its annual strategic meeting which discussed a detailed report on its milestones in 2023, including development of documents, policies, and models for the institutional accreditation on a scale that included two institutions as a first stage, with the organization of a series of beneficial workshops and meetings that aim to reinforce the national framework of qualifications.
The meeting featured vital discussions on NCQAA's draft strategic plan that included formalizing ambitious objectives in alignment with the third National Development Strategy 2024-2030 and the higher education strategy, underscoring NCQAA's commitment to achieve the aspirations of the State of Qatar in upgrading the quality of education and academic excellence.
Commenting on this occasion, Chairman of NCQAA Dr. Mazen Hasna said he is grateful for the progress made, along with the great consensus the meeting produced, affirming that the convention has contributed to unifying the members' vision regarding the NCQAA's engagement with the higher education institutions, as well as the significance of continuing the efforts in the foundation phase to develop a system that ensures a world-class quality.
The system would undergird the higher education sector and ensure the quality of the outcomes for the concerned entities, students, parents, and the whole community, along with their compatibility with the global standards, in terms of quality, Hasna underlined.
The NCQAA's future includes bolstering its internal capabilities, expanding the scale of the institutional accreditation to encompass five new universities, bolstering, and highlighting the committee's role at the local and global levels.
The meeting is a fundamental step towards enhancing the quality and excellence in the higher education in Qatar, as the committee is determined to achieve further accomplishments in 2024 and beyond. (QNA)
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