Education Above All (EAA) Foundation, in collaboration with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at safeguarding and promoting the human rights of youth and children worldwide. With a focus on the right to education in conflict-affected situations, the initiative spans diverse regions, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia, and Palestine.
In a statement, EAA said that this collaborative project seeks to empower and build the capacities of young people and youth organizations in a range of countries and regions, especially those facing conflict and situations of vulnerability. The primary focus is on protecting and advancing the right to education, a critical component for the well-being and future prospects of youth in challenging environments.
The first phase established a Youth Advisory Board composed of 10 young people from different regions who led a series of online consultations with young people from Uzbekistan, Guatemala and Latin America, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Western Africa and Eastern and Southern Africa, which in turn developed a draft toolkit has been developed. A webpage dedicated to the project was established, with web stories published on the OHCHR website. The Youth Advisory Board were featured in a high level exhibition and participated in a high-level event in Paris on the occasion of the 3rd International Day to Protect Education from Attack, which also hosted a youth dialogue to discuss their experiences and their work as youth activists.
The next phase of the project introduces a strong emphasis on global thought leadership and advocacy through the establishment of a Youth Rights Academy. This innovative initiative will bring together young leaders from around the world to engage in discussions, debates, and advocacy efforts, providing a platform for them to champion their human rights.
In the upcoming phase, a new cohort of young leaders will be selected to form the 2nd EAA-OHCHR Youth Advisory Board. Building on the success of the initial Youth Advisory Board, which was established in September 2021 and comprised 10 young individuals from diverse regions, the new cohort will play a key role in implementing the Youth Empowerment System.
The Youth Advisory Board designed and led a series of impactful online consultations with young people worldwide, contributing significantly to developing a human rights toolkit. This toolkit, launched in September 2023 as the YES: Youth Empowerment System, is available in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. The multimedia version was unveiled at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and is accessible through a dedicated microsite ( fostering international dialogue on youth rights advocacy.
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