Qatar Radio will mark Tuesday as the World Radio Day (WRD), an occasion that celebrates the 100-year milestone of the radio as an affordable platform, specifically designed for remote communities and vulnerable groups.
Themed 'Radio: A century informing, entertaining and educating', the 2024 observance highlights the rich history of radio and its powerful impact on news, drama, music, and sports as well as its challenging present and future.
First proclaimed by Spain in 2011, the WRD was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2012 to be celebrated annually on Feb 13 — the day when the UN Radio was created in 1946.
Director of Qatar Radio Mohamed Nasser al-Mohannadi said Qatar Radio has served as a key media platform for covering local, Arab and international news and events since its inception in 1968.
He added that it has experienced tremendous technical developments, starting from analogue to digital broadcasting, and leveraged the latest radio broadcasting technologies such as stereo (holographic sound) and FM broadcasting as well as a website and smartphone application to provide news and radio programmes online.
Over the years, Qatar Radio has expanded its news content to include politics, economics, sports, and culture, and launched many diverse news programmes such as news bulletins, talk shows, and news analyses, al-Mohannadi added.
It also co-operated with many Arab and international radio stations to exchange news and programmes, participated and organised many Arab and international conferences and media events, and sought to hold joint Arab meetings with the radio stations of sisterly and friendly countries, all Gulf countries and the Arab world as a whole, to discuss many issues, he added.
Commenting on its contribution to music and radio drama, al-Mohannadi added that Qatar Radio played an important role in spreading awareness and education among members of society, and has also contributed to strengthening national unity and social cohesion.
He added that Qatar Radio's music programmes and folk stories has contributed to preserving and reviving popular heritage.
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