An exhibition titled, Mazyouna, by Kuwaiti artist, writer and printmaker Thuraya al-Baqsami, featuring 86 paintings that reflect various stages of her career, opened Monday at Al-Markhiya Gallery’s headquarters in the Artists’ Headquarters at Fire Station in cooperation with Dar Hessa Arts.
Anas Kutit, managing director of Al Markhiya Gallery, expressed his happiness at hosting the exhibition which runs until early April. This is the first cooperation with al-Baqsami since the Gallery' inception in 2008, as she is considered among the pioneer fine artists in the region.
Hanady al-Darwish, Qatari artist and founder of Dar Hessa Arts, described the exhibition as the fruit of successful cooperation with Al Markhiya Gallery, with preparations being held over two years. It is also part of the efforts of enriching the Qatari artistic scene and encourage artists from various schools to interact with each other directly and exchange experiences and views.
The Kuwaiti ambassador to Doha, Khalid Badr al-Mutairi, stressed at the opening of the exhibition that artist al-Baqsami has a long career and distinctive creativity and approach. He expressed his happiness to see an exhibition of a Kuwaiti artist in Doha, which plays a very positive role in enhancing cultural relations among the peoples of the two friendly countries and further deepen the bonds of mutual appreciation, love and understanding.
The envoy said he hopes that more Kuwaiti artists would come to display their works in Qatar and similarly Qatari artists should exhibit in Kuwait to enhance the artistic movement between the two countries and further strengthen the deep friendship among their peoples. He also expressed his full support for such cooperation.
Artist al-Baqsami pointed out that the Qatari audience are highly appreciative of culture and arts, as it is clear that the government of Qatar has invested heavily in sophisticated museums and arts gallery over the past few years. She first displayed her works in Doha in the late 1980s and held an exhibition in Doha in 1995.
"What I have seen in Qatar recently is considered a modern miracle, with such great advancement in everything across the country that has transformed into a surprisingly amazing modern country with all special focus on arts and culture," she stressed.