Fahad al-Khalifa was delivering keynote address at ‘Speaker Series’ at Kawader Malia Programme, facilitated by QFBA
Masraf Al Rayan Group CEO Fahad al-Khalifa has emphasised the pivotal role of effective leadership, communication, and cultivating a positive work environment.
He was delivering keynote address at the ‘Speaker Series’ at the Kawader Malia Programme, facilitated by the Qatar Financial Business Academy (QFBA).
He also stressed the importance of embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and aligning professional goals with personal passions.
Al-Khalifa continued. "Our commitment to nurturing Qatari talent extends beyond mere partnerships with academic institutions and professional organisations, accordingly we actively engage in various initiatives to support the professional development of local talent, including offering training programmes and internships to equip individuals with practical skills and insights into the banking sector”.
Masraf Al Rayan continues its steadfast commitment to nurturing financial talents in the country through its ongoing support of initiatives like the Kawader Malia Programme.
The Speaker Series offers apprentices a unique opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from senior leadership within Qatar's banking industry, including CEOs of some of the largest banks in the country.
Masraf Al Rayan’s continuous support of the Kawader Malia Programme underscores its commitment to cultivating a pool of skilled professionals, aligning with Qatar's National Vision 2030 development goals and its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.
The enduring partnership between Masraf Al Rayan and QFBA's Kawader Malia Programme exemplifies a shared commitment to empowering Qatari talents and fostering sustainable growth in the financial sector.
Through continued support and collaboration, Masraf Al Rayan said it “remains committed to shaping a brighter future for Qatar's financial landscape while fulfilling its CSR objectives.”
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