Advisor to the Minister of Sports and Youth, head of the National Sports Day committee Abdulrahman bin Musallam Al Dosari said that this year's Sports Day activities are a materialization of the princples and values embeded in the Amiri decision No. 80 of 2011 to hold the National Sports Day on the 2nd Tuesday in February annually.
He added that there is a growing awareness of the value of practicing physically activity and playing sports regularly to contribute to the Qatar National Vision 2030.
Held under the slogan 'The Choice is Yours' this Tuesday will see ministries, institutions, authorities, and the private sector organize more than 250 activities across the country in celebration of this occasion.
In a press conference held today, Al Dosari said that the Ministry chose Umm Al Seneem Park as the venue for this year's National Sports Day in order to draw attention to the country's numerous parks and attract people living in their vicinities to take advantage of parks and their facilities to do exercise and play sports on a regular basis, all year long.
He explained that this year's slogan aims to encourage the practice of physical activity out of the understanding that doing so is the best way to fight chronic disease caused by a sedentary life-style.
Moreover, the Advisor to the Minister of Sports and Youth, head of the National Sports Day committee said that there is a rise in awareness of the vital importance of sports in Qatari society, thanks to the Qatar Sports for All Federation programs, in addition to the country enjoying a robust sports infrastructure and industry, including 150 public parks and 1,216 sport activity licenses granted in the private sector, with 125 new licenses issued last year alone, in an indication to the growth of physical activity practice in society.
Al Dosari said the activities organized by Qatar Sports for All Federation at Umm Al Seneem Park target all age groups of both genders, ensuring an enjoyable and active experience under the supervision of physical trainers in order to promote the proper and safe practice of exercise and sports.
He elaborated that the activities will include badminton for children, tennis for adults, speedball, football, volleyball, dodgeball, tug of war, a running race, among others.
Al Dosari said that the Qatar Sports For All Federation organized in 2023 no less than 683 different sporting and community events, with a turn-out total number of 191,215, participants.
The 365-Day Activity program consisted of 1,515 sporting activities in which 25,578 people participated, 65 percent of whom were male and 35 percent female, supervised by 31 coaches. In contract, the total turn-out figure for 2015 stood at 14,863 participants, indicating a significant rise of turn-out last year, Al Dosari added.
He added that the 2024 sport events calendar inculdes 720 different sport and community events, appealing to the general public to engage in Qatar Sports for All Federation programs.
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