The State of Qatar has returned to write a new chapter in the history of sports leadership by organizing the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023, presenting a bright and civilized image of all Arabs. This comes after its significant success in hosting a flawless edition of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The organization and security aspects have been pivotal factors in the success of the tournament, as the security force of the Asian Cup Qatar 2023 implements well-defined security plans according to the highest standards to ensure the security and safety of all participants, and to ensure that fans enjoy the tournament, cheering for their teams in a fantastic atmosphere that will leave unforgettable memories in their minds.

Several sports media figures and analysts emphasized the State of Qatar's excellence in organizing an exceptional edition of the AFC Asian Cup, earning it further international confidence.

Saudi sports analyst on MBC channel's "Sada Asia" program Abdulaziz Al Dughaither said that the authentic Arab ethics were dominant on the field in the final match, and that Doha always brings Arabs and the world together.

He emphasized that Qatar's excellent organization of the tournament was not surprising, given its success in the World Cup 2022, the best edition in the history of the FIFA World Cup, congratulating Qatar, its leadership, and its people on winning the AFC Asian Cup.

Abu Dhabi Sports Channel said in a report that Qatar presented an exceptional edition of the AFC Asian Cup from all perspectives. The report stressed that this organization has become an ideal model to be followed by those who will host such events.

The report added that Qatar succeeded for the third time, after the 1988 and 2011 editions, in presenting a perfect edition that set high standards in hosting, following its significant success in organizing the FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar's hosting of this tournament showcased a bright and civilized image of all Arabs and the Gulf in particular.

The report highlighted Qatar's top-notch infrastructure, including stadiums and roads, making this edition the most popular with fan attendances since its inception in 1956 in Hong Kong. This tournament broke the attendance record at the end of the first stage, previously held by China for two decades. The tournament, held on the World Cup 2022 stadiums, set a record for the largest attendance at the opening matches, surpassing the previous record for the opening match of the 2004 edition.

In conclusion, the report said that everyone views this edition of the tournament as the greatest, thanks to its technical, popular, and organizational strength.

In the same context, Emirati anchor Osama Al Amiri said that the Qatari national team is living a big football dream that extends over years, and that this match is not just a crowning achievement for them in a single tournament. Instead, it is the culmination of a significant project that was born and developed in Qatar across various aspects, especially in sports, reflecting the beautiful identity of the country.

He continued to say that this edition of the tournament has entered history, leaving no record unbroken, both in terms of fans, organization, and logistics, noting that everyone who attended this tournament realizes that Qatar has redefined the standards of this competition, presenting it in a different way on all aspects. It is a tournament that changed the concepts of the AFC Asian Cup and presented it with a global identity, he added.

Mohammed Al Hooti, Emirati sports anchor on Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, said that Qatar's national team considers winning the tournament as the culmination of the sport work that began with winning the bid to host the World Cup, as Qatar has prepared a generation capable of representing its team and invested in it correctly.

Tunisian sports analyst Zoubeir Baya commented by saying that conditions for organizing sports competitions in Qatar, which have been seen since the World Cup 2022, are extremely favorable, providing all Arab players with the means of comfort. Perhaps these excellent conditions motivated Arab teams to prove themselves and demonstrate their presence in this edition of the AFC Asian Cup, he added.

Baya underlined that the comfort of the fans enhances their enjoyment of the matches, adding value to the tournament and to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). He explained that the fans' lenses captured and portrayed a truly wonderful image of Qatar's luxurious and easily accessible stadiums.

For his part, Iranian sports journalist Boria Zafra said in his intervention on BBC Persian 60 Minutes that Qataris have invested a lot in football, and they have taken the initiative in women's football as well, noting that Qatari efforts in football will have positive impact on the level of Asian teams.

He pointed out that despite the many rumors circulating on social media that cast doubt on Qatar's victory in the AFC Asian Cup, the Qatari team won the title deservedly, adding that Qatar's advanced infrastructure contributed to the success of this edition of the tournament.

British sports journalist Mark Lomas said in the sports news bulletin on CNN that the final match of the AFC Asian Cup was fantastic, even though it is extremely rare for the winner to be crowned after securing three penalty kicks.

He added that Qatari player Akram Afif, the tournament's top scorer and also the most valuable player, will have a promising future, and many European clubs will be interested in signing him.

Lomas also explained that Qatar has succeeded in winning the AFC Asian Cup title for the second time in its history, and this time on its own soil. (QNA)

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