Home Centre, one of the largest retailers of furniture and home furnishings in the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian sub-continent, has curated five brand-new Ramadan-inspired collections giving homes across the region the opportunity to make room for new memories during the holy month.

Each of the five edits - Desert Elegance, Faris, Sama, Noura and Kashida for Home Centre - celebrates unique textures, fabrics and patterns influenced by the region’s colourful heritage, allowing customers to reflect their own unique style at home this Ramadan.

The Desert Elegance collection captures the magical spirit of the desert and classic mid-century design, applying organic shapes, bold patterns, earthy tones and striking silhouettes to bring the natural beauty of the region indoors to create warm and cozy living and dining spaces to gather in.

In homage to an icon of the region, the luxurious Faris collection is inspired by Arabian horses, dramatically mixing indulgent marbles and shimmering metallics to create a striking yet elegant impact.

With energy and creativity at its heart, the Sama collection uses fluid shapes and ripple effects to create sophisticated signature pieces to elevate any space. Flowing lines, gold accents, and sumptuous velvets offer a premium and organic feel.

Influenced by modern mashrabiya architecture and structured origami designs, the Noura collection applies soft and contemporary neutral colors and textures evoking a sense of serenity and calm.

And finally, the fifth curation in Home Centre’s Ramadan collection is an exclusive collaboration with Kashida Design aptly titled Kashida for Home Centre. This iconic partnership with the UAE-based design house sees artistic Kufic script and calligraphy lend a sense of cultural richness to wall art, furniture, dining sets and more.

Shumalan Naicker, Territory Head , Landmark Group Qatar, said, “As a homegrown brand from the region, the holy month of Ramadan is very special to us.

We understand the sentiment of the season and recognize the extraordinary pressures that fall upon homemakers as they prepare to welcome Ramadan into their homes.

As a brand that celebrates individual expression, our objective is to always offer true choice through our extensive range of styles and price points. With a profound understanding born from our own reverence for Ramadan, we meticulously curate our collections that strike the perfect balance between trendy and traditional, enabling our customers to infuse their homes with their unique style and creativity, ensuring a truly memorable Ramadan experience.”
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