Qatari inventors won five medals in the 14th International Invention Fair in the Middle East (IIFME) held in Kuwait from Feb 4 to 7. The 14th IIFME included 200 inventions from more than 40 Arab and foreign countries.
Omar al-Emadi won the gold medal for his innovative water quality monitoring system. Two silver medals went to Dr Saif al-Hajari's innovation, as well as Bandar al-Mansoori and Nayef al-Ajmi's project of the device for growing plants with solar and air energy. Two bronze medals were won by Dr Hitmi al-Hitmi and Hamad al-Yafei.
Manager of Qatar Scientific Club (QSC) Sheikh Ali bin Salman al-Thani, who headed the Qatari delegation in the 14th IIFME, expressed his pride in this group of ambitious Qatari youth who are eager to achieve the best.
The delegation presented great participation and ability to overcome challenges and develop proper solutions to any obstacle, al-Thani said. He additionally praised Qatar University's pioneering role in the field of research and innovation, which has been proven in international scientific forums and exhibitions.
The IIFME's panel of judges includes 60 academics and specialists in all scientific fields. The participating inventions are classified into 22 fields that are similar to the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions classifying system.
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