Qatar Music Academy (QMA) student Sze Han Law has won the “Young Musician of the Gulf 2024” at the BSME Young Musician of the Gulf competition in Bahrain, a statement said Sunday.
Law, "representing Doha British School, showcased exceptional musical prowess and dedication throughout the competition, which saw 108 promising young musicians from British schools across the Gulf region", it was explained.
After four rounds of intense competition, Law not only secured the coveted “Young Musician of the Gulf 2024” title but garnered the “Finalist Award”, the “Bowed String Award”, and the “Young Musician of the Gulf 2024 Winner Shield”.
Her success was made possible by the guidance of violin teacher Lorena Manescu.
Several other QMA students participated through their respective schools.
Anne McChesney, a violin student of Dmitri Torchinsky, also reached the final stages of the competition, highlighting the consistent and outstanding musical achievements of the QMA’s students, the statement added.
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