Qatar News Agency (QNA) launched Sunday a training course on media sustainability, in cooperation with the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI).
Bringing together 22 journalists — 20 QNA affiliates and two from Saudi News Agency (SPA), the five-day event is part of a series of QNA-organized training courses and workshops aimed at training and elevating national media cadres' competencies in specialized media and journalistic areas.
It also comes in implementation of the minutes of the 22nd meeting of heads of GCC news agencies in August, which sought to bolster pan-GCC news agencies relations, and the GCC General Secretariat proposal for further on-the-job training.
Held at QNA Training Halls, the course covers sustainable media development strategies in the media and sustainability in the news industry — two axes that educate trainees about the relationship between sustainability and the media, international experiences in media sustainability, the relationship between journalism and sustainability, ways to detect false news stories and sustainable skills of journalistic techniques.
Upon the conclusion of the course, trainees will be assigned to prepare graduation projects on media sustainability, for the purpose of measuring the extent of their benefit.
Media adviser Khaled Al Qudah from the Jordanian Ministry of Information and journalist Othman Al Mukhtar will deliver the course.
The QNA-DI collaboration in holding such training courses comes within the framework of the QNA's plan to strengthen partnerships with local, regional and international training institutions and centers, in accordance with its directions to qualify and develop national cadres and generate new young Qatari cadres capable and qualified to keep pace with the recent media transformations.
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