The Chinese embassy in Doha organised 'Xinjiang is a Nice Place' folk music and dance show at the Katara Opera House Wednesday. The grand event was part of the Chinese embassy's celebration of the Spring Festival 2024 and as part of the activities accompanying the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023.
Yu Jie, deputy director general, Xinjiang Department of Culture and Tourism, China, stressed that Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China is a beautiful place year-round rich with scenery and resources and celebrate the diverse and unique culture of its people.
"Xinjiang has a very special location neighbouring eight Asian and European countries. The autonomous government of Xinjiang encourage exchange of dialogue among different people and mutual understanding among peoples to enable diverse people from different backgrounds to live peacefully and in harmony together," Jie said while adding that the performance reflects the richness of culture, folk and traditions of Xinjiang.
Katara - Cultural Village general manager Prof Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, expressed his joy in hosting such an event at Katara as it would reflect the deeply rooted Chinese culture and its well-established civilisation in addition to its renewed and modern spirit.
He also expressed his hopes that the Chinese embassy in Qatar will continue its efforts to organise various events and activities in Qatar that reflect the deep relations between the two friendly countries.
The Chinese ambassador to Qatar Cao Xiaolin expressed his happiness at starting his assignment in Qatar in such an amazing atmosphere.
"In eight days, it will be the Chinese Lunar New Year. On this festive occasion, we are very pleased to welcome artists from the largest Muslim-populated region in China - the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. They will showcase a peaceful and scenic Xinjiang, and the happy lives of Xinjiang people with Xinjiang’s ethnic songs and dances.
"In China, Xinjiang is widely praised as a nice place for its unique ethnic minority’s cultures, picturesque landscapes, and abundant resources. The Xinjiang’s ethnic songs and dances in tonight’s show will guide us to discover Xinjiang as a nice place.
"Xinjiang artists come to perform in Qatar because Xinjiang’s culture, while inheriting the origins of Chinese civilisation, is also influenced by Arab-Islamic civilisation. Through the artistic performances, we could promote drawing on each other’s strengths and enhance people-to-people bonds between the two sides."
A large number of guests attended the performance, which had the backdrop of various scenery from Xinjiang.
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