Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) director of Media Development Department HE Sheikh Khaled bin Abdulaziz al-Thani has honoured Wael al-Dahdouh, correspondent for Al Jazeera channel in the Gaza Strip.
HE Sheikh Khaled expressed his condolences for the death of al-Dahdouh's wife, sons Hamza and Mahmoud, daughter Sham, and grandson Adam.
He also inquired about the health of the journalist, who is receiving treatment in Doha after being injured during his coverage of the war in Gaza.
HE Sheikh Khaled affirmed his complete solidarity and support for the family in their ordeal, pledging to provide all forms of support and assistance for them.
He further praised al-Dahdouh's exceptional performance and his courage alongside Al Jazeera teams, journalists, and media professionals during the media coverage of the repercussions of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.
HE Sheikh Khaled highlighted the significant sacrifices made by journalists and media professionals in Gaza, with hundreds of them killed or injured, as a price for conveying to the world the truth and consequences of the aggression on the people of the region.
He stressed that the efforts of media professionals working under siege and aggression in Gaza have a significant international impact in revealing what is happening on the ground, including crimes against journalists and civilians.
Al-Dahdouh thanked HE Sheikh Khaled and affirmed his commitment to continue his professional mission, stating that his injury will not deter his determination to return to the field of duty after completing the treatment.
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