HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim al-Thani opened in Doha on Wednesday the work of the 27th session of the Advisory Board of the Supreme Council of the GCC. The opening was attended by GCC Secretary-General Jassim Mohamed al-Budaiwi.
In a speech before the session, HE Sheikh Mohamed stressed that Qatar is harnessing its full capabilities to support the tasks of the Advisory Board to implement the mandate of the leaders of the GCC countries to study energy security issues in the Gulf region within the technical alternatives and new systems, and the strategy to protect young people from the danger of drug abuse and addiction in the GCC, in addition to ways to preserve the growth of emerging markets in the Gulf region from the negative effects of variables affecting the global economy.
He pointed out the effective role of the Advisory Board, since its establishment by decision of the Supreme Council in its 18th session of 1997, in supporting the process of joint Gulf action through its appreciated efforts to come up with visions and studies that support various sectors and fields to reach the desired integration.
The core recommendations of the Advisory Board support the economic, industrial, environmental and social areas of co-operation, which enhances the work and achievements of the GCC countries and its institutions, he noted. HE Sheikh Mohamed pointed out the importance of the Advisory Board and its great impact on supporting collective co-operation programmes and enhancing economic unity, adding that this contributes effectively to developing broader and more comprehensive horizons for the region and realising the aspirations of its countries and peoples for progress, security and prosperity.
He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the GCC secretary-general and the members of the Advisory Board, among others, for their efforts to make the 27th session of the Advisory Board a success. (QNA)
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