US President Joe Biden won New Hampshire's Democratic primary, defeating two rivals.
Donald Trump was able to seize the Republican Party's nomination for the New Hampshire primary election by defeating his only rival, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.
After 3% of the votes were counted, Biden obtained about 73% of them, with US Representative Dean Phillips coming in second place with a large margin of about 17%, and Marianne Williamson with 4%.
New Hampshire held its primary elections, maintaining its tradition as the first state in the country to witness this event, in violation of the decision of the Democratic Committee, which recommended starting with South Carolina. This led to actions against the state, prohibiting Biden from campaigning or putting his name on the ballot in New Hampshire.
President Biden's allies are hoping for a big win to allay the concerns of Democrats concerned about Biden's prospects of winning against potential Republican Party nominee Donald Trump, and shutting down any further competition against him in the primaries.

The primary elections will continue until next June 8. In July and August, the Democratic and Republican parties will announce their official candidates for the presidential elections that will be held on Nov. 5, 2024. (QNA)
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