President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canel inaugurated in Havana the International Forum of Journalists organized by Cuba's Prensa Latina News Agency under the title 'New Operation Truth', which will be held for two days with the participation of Qatar News Agency (QNA).

President of Cuba praised the presence of more than 70 participants from 34 countries during the first day of 'New Operation Truth' Forum, which was organized by Prensa Latina News Agency in the Cuban capital.

He pointed out that holding this Forum is of particular importance because it draws from the original 'Operation Truth' that took place in 1959 at the call of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro to refute the media campaigns directed against the emerging social project in Cuba at that time.

In his speech, the Cuban President said that this Forum was organized by Prensa Latina News Agency, which has accompanied the Cuban government for 65 years. He emphasized the need for greater and better efforts in political communication so that the people and the world understand the socio-economic transformations implemented by Cuba on the road to a more prosperous and just society.

In a speech at the Forum, the President of the Prensa Latina News Agency Luis Enrique Gonzalez said that Cuba has decided to choose its destiny based on its ethical values and committed journalism. For 65 years, Cuba has been subjected to a media war, he explained, adding that the Cuban leader Fidel Castro called around 400 journalists to oppose that campaign, and stated at the time that Latin American media must be in the hands of the people. Thus, the Prensa Latina News Agency was established to combat fake news and represent the voice of the global South, he said.

The President of the Prensa Latina News Agency emphasized the need to practice an inclusive and humanist journalism, adding that, "Prensa Latina is being consolidated as the major media based in Cuba, with more than 350 daily news, 18 own and third-party publications, Radio and Television Services, websites translated into six different foreign languages and a growing development in Social Networks."

He explained that the Agency was able to develop links with over a hundred media outlets and remained resilient, in an authentic expression of its Cuban identity.

Gonzalez said, "aware of the risks that the misuse of digital social networks and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can pose, we are called to avoid and counteract it from our daily work, from a dignified and professional journalistic exercise."

He added, "you can continue to trust Prensa Latina, the news agency that for over six decades was said to be necessary and continues to be necessary in its efforts to always serve the truth."

The Forum discusses the challenges to communication in current times and the need to build a new international information system that prevents the dissemination of false information and news, and many issues related to the circulation of news.

Forum participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with Cuban authorities and experts, as well as share and exchange the latest new information technologies and ways to increase the attractiveness of published content.

The Forum's program includes presentations by personalities and experts in the field of media and communication.

The first day included a keynote speech on building a real and sovereign development model in Cuba, in addition to discussion sessions, one of which was titled 'news in the age of the internet, social media, and fake news, a multidimensional approach.' Another session by a group of experts was titled 'news agencies in the age of hypermedia, from telegraphic transmission to multimedia news.' (QNA)
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