Japanese Masatada Ishii who leads Thailand team emphasized Saturday his team are on full standby to confront the Omani counterpart Sunday at Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium within the second round of Group F.
Speaking at a press conference ahead of the clash, Ishii confirmed that he had prepared a plan to face Oman with massive counterattacks by taking the advantage of their weaknesses in quest for triumph, imploring his squad to fully concentrate and beware during the whole time of the match.
AFC Asian Cup is the largest tournament in Asia, he added, affirming that players should focus on all games to reap positive results, indicating that he had a clue on the Omani mode of playing after he was monitoring their final match against Saudi Arabia.
Ishii said the Omani players are deft with perfect adroitness on the pitch, adding that he plays each game separately and beating Kyrgyzstan was of utmost importance to gain confidence and continue with the same skill.
Thai footballer Weerathep Pomphan said he is grateful for the great support his team received from fans in their first clash which helped them gain confidence and perform well, emphasizing that his squad will maintain the same manner Sunday to achieve positive results.
Omani team are powerful and organized, and Thailand will intensively focus on weaknesses of their foe to take advantage of their mistakes, Pomphan said. (QNA)
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