The Civil Services and Government Development Bureau has announced the creation of the two positions of artificial intelligence researcher and artificial intelligence system engineer, with their different job classifications, noting that the positions are available through the National Manpower Portal (Kawader).
The bureau clarified in a statement that the creation of these two positions was part of the government development strategy aimed at modernising government processes, supporting disciplines with a direct impact in achieving Qatar National Vision 2030 and contributing to the advancement of innovation and technological development in the government sector to achieve sustainable development.
It also emphasised that, through the creation of these positions, it sought to enhance the work of information systems departments in the government sector, contribute to the development of its administrative organs and to its ability to keep pace with the latest developments, as well as providing career opportunities for national talents in the computing, information systems and artificial intelligence specialisations.
The bureau pointed out that its Institute of Public Administration will work through its specialised programmes, to train national talents to fill the new jobs in co-ordination with leading international companies in the field of AI. This is to enable them to analyse and understand the current problems and needs of the required businesses and to equip them with the know-how to solve these problems. They will identify opportunities available through AI, analysing its feasibility and impact, as well as design and develop AI models and algorithms suitable for analysing large-size data.
The bureau noted that the training programmes will improve the performance of current systems, by using new smart technologies to enhance the ability to learn and adapt to different environments, provide the necessary support to users of artificial intelligence systems, as well as to help them develop their technical skills, prepare reports and evaluation of the systems' performance, and to identify problems and necessary modifications.
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