The International Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha organised the Japan Day event in the presence of Japanese Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Takahashi Mitsuo, HE Expo 2023 Doha Commissioner General, ambassador Bader bin Omar al-Dafa, Doha Expo 2023 Secretary-General Mohamed Ali al-Khouri, alongside a number of heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Qatar, officials and members of the Japanese community in Qatar.
On the occasion, Japanese ambassador to Qatar Satoshi Maeda said he is delighted to participate in the celebration to mark the Japan Day at Expo 2023 Doha, and added that he is grateful for the participation of high-ranking officials from the Japanese government, florists, landscape professionals, Japanese pavilion staff and officials from the International Horticultural Expo 2027 Yokohama.
The ambassador added that the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to Qatar last July contributed to upgrading partnership between the two nations to a strategic level, affirming that in recent years Japan and Qatar have embarked on expanding co-operation in multiple fields, especially in the energy sector.
Japan is one of the first countries that opened a pavilion at the Expo 2023 Doha to promote plant species of Japan, along with flower culture, afforestation technology and Japanese gardens, in addition to promoting the upcoming edition of the international horticulture expo to be held in Yokohama in 2027, the Japanese ambassador pointed out.
He lauded the stellar organisation of Expo 2023 Doha which strikingly drew over 2mn visitors, and anticipated that more people will visit the expo, especially with the prevalent captivating atmosphere that will continue until the end of March, in addition to the dazzling atmosphere that prevails through the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023.
In conclusion, Satoshi Maeda hoped that visitors of the expo would enjoy incredible experiences at the internal and external pavilions of Japan, and to learn about the Japanese culture and technology and Yokohama city, the second host of this major event. He hoped there would be further deepening of friendly ties between Japan and Qatar through the Japan Day event.
The Japan Day celebration showcased the most prominent Japanese flowers as well as innovations in agriculture and horticulture. Thereafter, the attendees toured the Japanese pavilion which is replete with an atmosphere to internalise the top-notch Japanese cultural heritage, as well as traditional values and contemporary creativity, making the pavilion a must-visit destination at Doha expo.
The Japanese pavilion is characterised by elements of sustainability and numerous solutions for water rationalisation and local plants, in addition to enjoying the art of co-ordinating bouquets through interactive contests.
The pavilion has video presentations for visitors displaying the Japanese landscapes, culture, customs and traditions and the national identity. It reviews environment pollution, birds, animals' migration and wildfire as among the primary causes of climate change.
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