Ecuador's national prisons agency (SNAI) announced that all prison guards and administrative staff held hostage by prisoners in correctional facilities across Ecuador have been released.

SNAI did not specify the number of people released, but said they were undergoing medical examinations and it would investigate those responsible for their detention.

The agency reported earlier on Saturday that 133 guards and three administrative employees were still detained after the release of at least 41 of them.

Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa welcomed the developments and congratulated the SNAI, the armed forces and the national police for securing the release of the hostages.

The National Police of Ecuador had previously said that people were released from prisons in the city of Esmeraldas in northwestern Ecuador, as well as the province of Tungurahua on Saturday.

SNAI also reported an armed confrontation in a prison in the southern El Oro province between inmates and members of the armed forces and the national police.

The hostage-taking in Ecuadorian prisons comes amid a wave of violence sweeping the country, which has included bombings and police kidnappings. (QNA)
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