A tsunami measuring about 3 meters high reached the Shika nuclear power plant in Ishikawa Prefecture following a powerful earthquake that shook central Japan last week.
According to Hokuriku Electric Power Co., the tsunami reached the facility approximately 90 minutes after a 7.6-magnitude quake hit the region on New Year's Day.
The tsunami did not damage the plant, as it is built about 11 meters above sea level and has a 4-meter tall seawall, the utility said in a statement.
Hokuriku Electric said on Jan. 2 that it had not detected any significant change in the water levels on measuring equipment. But it later said a rise in the levels had been observed.
The death toll from the earthquake that struck the Sea of Japan coast a week ago has risen to over 200, while 120 others are still missing, as search teams continue to comb through the affected areas in the city of Wajima to recover victims from under the rubble. (QNA)
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