Aspetar, the AFC Medical Centre of Excellence, stands poised to deliver world-class medical services.
With extensive experience in providing medical care for major sporting events, the renowned facility is well-equipped to handle the challenges of organising medical support for this prestigious continental tournament, due to be held between Jan 12 and Feb 10.
Aspetar will provide comprehensive "athlete service" support to all national teams, ensuring a seamless medical journey for players who encounter injuries or illnesses during the competition.
Guiding the tournament's medical commission is Aspetar's distinguished surgeon Chief Medical Officer Dr Khalid al-Khelaifi. Having served in similar capacities at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Dr al-Khelaifi and his team will ensure efficient management of medical concerns for players, match officials and team delegations, directing each issue to the appropriate resources, based on its nature and severity.
In a groundbreaking move, Aspetar will be introducing specialised services for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023, accessed via its event Polyclinic, and two initiatives dedicated to Concussion and Sports Cardiology. An independent Concussion Assessment Service and a 24-hour Sports Cardiology service underline Aspetar's commitment to player welfare, providing crucial consultations and diagnostics.
In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Aspetar will also be offering dental screening for all players at the tournament. This innovative approach, approved by the AFC, reinforces the holistic approach to athlete health, with participating teams receiving Aspetar Sports Dental Emergency Kits to help in the management of dental injuries on the pitch.
Aspetar's National Sports Medicine Programme (NSMP) team, composed of specialists in various fields, stands ready to deliver high-quality sports medicine and science services throughout the tournament. A Recovery Centre, operating from five days before the tournament until the day after the final match, further enhances post-exercise recovery opportunities for teams.
Aspetar's comprehensive offerings span sports medicine, orthopaedic and general surgery, physiotherapy, sports dentistry, sports nutrition, cardiology, radiology, pharmacy, podiatry, exercise physiology, and laboratory medicine. With this unparalleled medical support, Aspetar aims to elevate the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 to new heights, ensuring the wellbeing and peak performance of every athlete on the field.
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