South Korea and the US have staged a joint live-fire exercise near the border with North Korea to bolster their joint combat readiness, the South Korean Army said.
The allies' first joint training of the year was aimed at bolstering combined operational capabilities against North Korea's military threats, the Korean Army indicated.
The drill involved 110 weapons systems from South Korea and the U.S, including K1A2 tanks, A-19 combat aircraft, Stryker armored vehicles and artillery systems.
North Korea's state media said South Korea began the new year with "self-destructive" acts, warning that chances of a clash between the two sides will be the highest this year.
The South Korean military said it has heightened monitoring on North Korea's moves to deter potential provocations.
The North usually kicks off regular military training in December, which continues through early spring and often involves artillery firing drills.
The South Korean military has conducted a series of firing drills and other maneuvers this week, drawing sharp criticism from North Korea, and its naval forces also conducted exercises with the participation of warships and aircrafts in an attempt to strengthen the defensive posture against what Seoul described as "potential provocations" by North Korea. (QNA)
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