The Ministry of Culture (MoC)'s Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum organised a panel discussion Wednesday to mark the World Braille Day, in co-operation with the Ministry's Qatar Social and Cultural Center for Blind (QSCCB).
The world observes on Jan 4 World Braille Day -- a worldwide celebration honoring Braille's importance as a communication tool for blind and low-vision individuals.
The panel discussed ways to effectively involve the blind in the world of culture and provide them with alternative and advanced reading opportunities and techniques. It also reflected the MoCs commitment to promoting integration and improving the quality of life of all society segments.
Director of the Qatari Publishers and Distributors Forum, Riyad Ahmed Saleh highlighted the forum's commitment to enabling the blind to access the world of culture and benefit from multi-sector publications.
QSCCB Chairperson Faisal al-Kohaji stressed the center's keenness to provide various cognitive and cultural support tools for its members, as a key social responsibility pillar that requires constant interaction between public and private educational and cultural agencies.
Representatives of the Qatari publishers affirmed their endeavour to achieve the panel's outcomes aimed at developing alternative reading technologies and integrating them into the lives of the blind to meet their cultural, educational and cognitive needs.
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