India and Pakistan officially exchanged lists of nuclear facilities and sites under the provisions of an agreement on the prohibition of attack against nuclear installations and facilities.
A statement issued by Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that under the provision, the list of nuclear facilities and facilities in Pakistan was officially handed over to the representative of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in Islamabad, while the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also handed over the list of Indian nuclear facilities and facilities to the representative of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.
The exchange of lists of nuclear installations comes in implementation of the Convention between the two countries signed on 31 December 1988 and ratified on 27 January 1991, which stipulates that Pakistan and India shall inform each other of their nuclear installations and sites on the first day of each year.
Pakistan and India also exchanged lists of civilian prisoners in their respective custody, as the move comes in implementation of the consular agreement signed between the two countries in 2008, under which prisoners' lists are exchanged twice each year in January and July.

The Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) reported that the prisoners' lists were exchanged through diplomatic channels Foreign Affairs of Pakistan handed over to the Indian Embassy in Islamabad a list of 231 Indian prisoners held in Pakistani prisons, including 47 civilian prisoners and 184 fishermen. The Indian Government also shared a list of 418 Pakistani prisoners in its custody with representatives of Pakistan's High Commission in New Delhi, comprising 337 civilian prisoners and 81 fishermen. (QNA)
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