The College of Law at Qatar University (QU), in collaboration with the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), held a roundtable on Arab UNCITRAL Day.
The roundtable, under the guidance of Nader M Ibrahim, Professor of Commercial Law at QU, discussed the evolving landscape of resolving trade disputes entangled in technology.
Highlighting the proceedings was Takashi Takashima, the legal advisor at UNCITRAL, who presented a nuanced view, elucidating both general and specific issues pertinent to the theme.
His focus on the ongoing endeavours of Working Group II (WGII) spotlighted expedited arbitration, third-party determination, expert accompaniment, confidentiality, and evidence guidance in technology-driven disputes.
Dr Andrew Dahdal, an Associate Professor of Business Law at QU, underscored the paramount significance of UNCITRAL’s initiatives in navigating disputes within the digital economy.
He also correlated technology-related disputes with recent adaptations in Qatari laws, emphasising the pivotal jurisdiction of the Qatari Court of Investment and Trade in resolving e-commerce disputes. Dr Dahdal explored the wide scope of technology disputes, addressing conflicting interests and the need for specific technology-related dispute resolution provisions.
Diverse perspectives shared by other participants, probing the specialised nature of technology disputes, the growing role of AI in dispute settlement and evidence validation, the necessity for tailored dispute settlement mechanisms, and the enforcement dynamics surrounding technology-driven arbitral awards, enriched the roundtable.
Concluding the session, Reem al-Khal, a teaching assistant at QU, summarised key takeaways while underscoring UNCITRAL’s pivotal role in modernising and harmonising international trade law, specifically in the realm of technology-related trade.
Al-Khal underscored the strategic partnership between QU-LAWC and UNCITRAL, emphasising their concerted efforts to enhance the legal environment related to international trade law in Qatar.
The event not only highlighted the multifaceted nature of technology-driven trade disputes but also underscored the pivotal role of initiatives like UNCITRAL in shaping a coherent and adaptive legal environment in Qatar.
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