Qatar established itself in 2023 as the world's main mediator, leaving a clear imprint on the map of negotiations and peace talks, and settling crises and disputes that

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great powerhouses remained unable to resolve.
These painstaking mediation efforts have earned Doha a large-scale international confidence and credibility, turning the Qatari diplomacy into a milestone in the world politics.
Over the course of a decade, Qatar has entered a new, completely different political phase with pivotal dispute-resolving roles both regionally and globally. These roles stem from Doha's deep-rooted belief in peacemaking worldwide capitalising on its tools and means that guarantee a vital foreign policy based on a win-win situation for the conflicting parties.
His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani affirmed this attitude during a Sept 19, 2023 speech before the 78th UN General Assembly in which he indicated that peaceful resolving of disputes is long and arduous, but less costly than wars. "We must not forget that there are peoples around the world, especially in our region, who are absorbed by the present must be our duty to strive towards ending the injustice afflicting them," he said.
Since the outbreak of the ongoing Israeli occupation's aggression against the Gaza Strip, for nearly three months now, Qatar has engineered negotiations to stop the attacks of the occupation forces, reduce the escalation, stop the bloodshed and protect civilians. The Qatari efforts managed to reach the first pause on Nov 22 in preparation for the exchange of dozens of prisoners and allow the delivery of humanitarian convoys and relief aid, including fuel for humanitarian needs into Gaza. In this regard, Qatar appreciated the efforts made by Egypt and the United States in supporting mediation efforts to reach an agreement.
Although the humanitarian pause did not last long and the Israeli aggression resumed, Qatar continued its efforts to alleviate the suffering of over 2mn Palestinians trapped in Gaza.
Qatar has extended its mediation efforts to Latin America manifested in its efforts to end the US-Venezuela dispute two years ago. HE the Minister of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Mohamed bin Abdulaziz bin Saleh al-Khulaifi announced on Dec 21, 2023 that Venezuela had released 10 American prisoners, in exchange for the US releasing a Venezuelan prisoner, after holding several negotiation sessions between the two parties.
HE Dr al-Khulaifi stressed that this step was part of a broader mediation to address the outstanding issues between the two countries, stressing that the success of this mediation reaffirms Qatar's position as a reliable partner at the regional and international levels, and also reflects its effective role in making peace and enhancing security and stability in the region and the world.
Doha diplomacy has also succeeded in reuniting Ukrainian children with Russia, through two swap deals based on a mechanism agreed between Moscow and Kyiv. The first swap was on Oct 16, 2023, which resulted in retrieving four children, while the second one was on Dec 15, 2023, in which six children and their families were hosted at the headquarters of the Qatari embassy in Moscow and ultimately they were transferred to their final destination to ensure their safety and comfort, as well as their needs as per explanations of the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
During that time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated its appreciation for the governments of Ukraine and Russia for their co-operation and commitment to ensuring safety and security of those children and providing the appropriate care for them during and prior to this operation.
The ministry pointed out that the success of this operation underscores Qatar's international reliability with various parties, along with its enduring commitment to promoting peace, security and stability in the region and the world, and its readiness to play a constructive and effective role in various crises.
In addition, Qatar has mediated in detainee exchange agreement between the United States and Iran in August 2023. The deal included the release of five Iranians who were detained in the US. It resulted in lifting the ban on $6bn of Tehran's funds. It also resulted in the Iranian funds frozen in South Korea being transferred and deposited in Qatari banks.
Reciprocally, Iran released five US prisoners who arrived in Doha and were then transferred to the US.
HE Dr al-Khulaifi said the arrival of five US citizens who were detained in Iran at Doha International Airport following a Qatari mediation signifies the position of Qatar as a reliable international partners.
He expressed his hope that full implementation of the agreement between Washington and Tehran would lead to greater understandings that include return to the joint comprehensive action plan.
The Qatar-led mediation efforts are known for all, as it proved their success in reaching settlements for numerous disputes that threaten security, stability, and peace in many cases. The strength of diplomacy and dialogue is abundantly clear and well demonstrated through Qatar's role as an international player in resolving conflicts in the region and the world.
Since 2013 and heretofore, Qatar has succeeded in mediating over ten major regional and global issues, thanks to its record which abounds with successes in mediation, including Sudan, where Qatar played a pioneering role in making peace in Sudan and hosted the peace talks in Doha during 2013 to 2018.
Qatar has a greater role in the ongoing efforts to solve the Sudanese crisis, along with its attempts to stop the war currently ongoing between the Sudanese Army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), and co-chaired the Sudan Pledging Conference 2023: Ministerial Pledging Event to Support the Humanitarian Response in Sudan and the Region alongside Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany, and the UN, represented by the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA, European Union, and UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
Qatar pledged $50mn in support of Sudan humanitarian response plan and regional refugee plan efforts, based on Qatar's fraternal responsibility and moral and humanitarian duty towards brothers in Sudan, and in continuation of its ongoing humanitarian and development efforts in the brotherly Sudan. Qatar emphasised that it would spare no effort to stand with the fraternal Sudanese people until they overcome this crisis, indicating that the steadfast and unwavering position of Qatar is to support unity, independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the brotherly Sudan, reject any form of interference in its internal affairs, and fully respect the choices of its people for freedom, peace, justice and prosperity.
Since the outbreak of the current armed conflict in Sudan, along with the resulting consequences of the humanitarian crisis, Qatar has been taking the initiative to stand with the Sudanese brothers, through operating an air bridge to deliver aid, which included food, medicine, and clothing. The cost amounted to more than $4mn, in addition to evacuating thousands of people through the efforts of several institutions in Qatar, such as the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Qatar Fund for Development, Qatar Charity, and Qatar Red Crescent Society.
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