Innovation in the agriculture sector, the country’s tourism potential and the efforts to ensure sustainability have taken the stage at the Rwanda pavilion at Expo 2023 Doha. At the expo, Rwanda highlights its cultural legacy, environmental conservation initiatives, the country’s growth in adopting technology for development and the green mission.
The pavilion has various domes with each showcasing the country’s past, present and progress attained in agriculture and water management. Through screens and hoardings, the visitors go through the tales of the country’s progress in various sectors.
“Rwanda is an important tourist destination with its numerous eye-catching spots. The country is rich with its flora and fauna. The pavilion is an attempt to introduce our tourism and investment potential to the world,” said Godfrey Atusasire, one of the guides at the pavilion.
The visitors can embark on a trip while starting with the Rwanda coffee. Grown in Rwanda's high mountain elevation, the coffee has a silky yet creamy body with a pleasantly balanced acidity level.
Agriculture is one of the highlights of the pavilion where Rwanda’s focus on the sector is featured. The country’s keenness to tap the potential of horticulture is also showcased through the installations. The Land of Thousand Hills, Rwanda is making great strides in vegetable, fruit, nuts and flower production while using modern technology, a favourable climate, diversified climatic conditions, fertile soils and abundant water resources. The country exports nutrient-packed superfoods like avocados to fiery habaneros.
Rwanda promotes conservation agriculture where sustainability, enhanced biodiversity, healthier soils, increased yields and reduced costs are considered. Rwanda's National Agriculture Policy was updated in 2018 to promote good agricultural and conservation practices. These practices have resulted in a sustained increase in agricultural production and productivity.
The pavilion features tourist attractions including Nyungwe Forest National Park, Lake Kivu, gorilla trekking, Big 5 Safaris, birdwatching, hiking and water sports.
The Responsible Tourist dome features Rwanda’s efforts to ensure sustainability and forest conservation while promoting tourism. As guardians of many iconic species, Rwanda is a place of luxury eco-tourism whilst also conserving natural resources, supporting communities and saving endangered species.
“Rwanda's stunning scenery offers one of the most unique travel experiences in the world. There are efforts to conserve the extraordinary biodiversity, incredible wildlife, mountain rainforests and sweeping plains,” Godfrey said.
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