The world’s economy is volatile and ever-changing, meaning the value of your assets is constantly in flux. This can be frustrating when the sale of an asset does not necessarily deliver the level of return that might be expected. In regions of increased conflict or volatility, asset holders risk losing significant personal value from the inability to liquidate their holdings or move them to a new, more stable location. For this reason, experts espouse the importance of having a well-balanced diversified portfolio of holdings across sectors and even regions. But CEO Jarrett Preston, of Swiss-based company, Idoneus International AG, says “You must not be tied to any single asset, currency, or locale. The key is to not be overcommitted to any single category with no way out of an asset class when you need it most.
In today’s economy, you will need more than diversification. Mobility is now a fundamental requirement. Mobility and accessibility go hand in hand for our clients. Inaccessible value is of no value at all, so having unrestricted access to many different forms of value should be a primary focus during this time. You must have a system in place to enable the movement of your wealth and value swiftly, safely and legally.” To be prepared for major world events that lower and raise the value and utility of your assets, use Idoneus for asset exchange. This new platform presents the opportunity to exchange your luxury assets in a closed-loop economy, protected from typical market volatility.
Idoneus’s Luxury Economy is dedicated to creating exceptional value for exceptional people. According to Preston, WSJ Bestselling author of Billions Under Pressure: The Art And Science Of Creating, Exchanging, And Protecting Value, their mission is “To provide individuals with more freedom of movement, more options and provide extraordinary value and mobility through a borderless economy for luxury assets, goods and services.”
The Idoneus platform allows its clientele of high net worth individuals to use an asset to buy an asset, without the need to convert that asset to liquid cash. Idoneus takes their experience and understanding of the physical complexities and variability associated with each asset type and utilizes a unique digital business model to streamline the process of trading them. This allows individuals to transact and exchange assets, goods, and services directly, avoiding the associated friction and value leakage common when converting assets to cash.
Transactions within the closed-loop economy of Idoneus use a token called IDON. While IDON is a utility token and cryptocurrency, it is used within the Idoneus Luxury Economy and cannot be traded on public exchanges. This ensures that IDON is immune to a number of risks associated with publicly exchanged cryptocurrencies. Designed specifically for value-for-value exchange, IDON has transparency and compliance built in. IDON pricing is calculated using a transparent, auditable algorithm. This internal algorithm has no connection to the wider crypto market, ensuring that IDON’s value does not correlate to publicly traded cryptocurrencies. The IDON formula is based on quantitative, verified data from real-world movements and internal movements of the Idoneus Ecosystem to derive a transparent, predictable, and auditable price. Despite its differences from traditional cryptocurrencies, Idoneus users can use IDON tokens for value-for-value exchanges after completing KYC and setting up a whitelisted wallet.
The IDON token is fully compliant with the comprehensive KYC/AML requirements of the financial regulatory bodies in Switzerland. Idoneus is a Virtual Asset Service Provider registered in Switzerland and is currently positioning itself to expand in the Dubai luxury market, a global gateway for trade. The pro-business government in Dubai is geared for growth and collaboration, fostering a tangible entrepreneurial spirit.
Idoneus is focused on reinventing the Global Luxury Market, making the acquisition of goods like fine art, real estate, and fine jewelry simple and secure. Registering for an account and completing KYC is all you have to do to set up a wallet and start trading. With a transparent process and easily viewable opportunities, it is now easy to take your first steps into the world of asset trading. Payments are contact-free for luxury assets and experiences like beachfront villas, luxury vehicles, private yachts, and more.
For a protected, regulated, and simple experience, consider trading your unique and high-value assets with Idoneus. Take steps to protect your assets from volatile economic events, asset leakage, and more. Register for an account and gain access to an entirely new market of opportunities. The global luxury economy has arrived and is waiting for you.
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