In a remarkable display of solidarity with the war-affected people of Gaza, the 'Palestine Duty' fundraising campaign campaign headed by the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA)garnered an impressive QR 200mn Monday.
Qatar TV gave the total amount collected as QR 200,048750.
His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani donated QR 100mn to the campaign. The announcement came through Qatar TV during its live broadcast of the campaign that was launched by the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA),in partnership with Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and Qatar Charity and in co-operation with Qatar Media Corporation (Qatar TV).
The campaign, on the occasion of Qatar National Day, evoked an overwhelming response from donors with many joining the drive live on Qatar TV and the exclusive collection points at Souq Waqif, Katara and Darb Al Saai.
Qatar Charity and QRCS deployed its officials and volunteers at three of these points where donors deposited money in the boxes. Many donated clothes and other commodities for the people of war-torn Gaza.
Qatar TV, during its live broadcast of the campaign, featured dignitaries, who appealed for donations. The broadcast kept the momentum going by making regular announcements of donations from individuals and companies. Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) donated QR 1.5 mn.Barwa Real Estate Company and Ooredoo, each donated QR 1 mn. Dukhan Bank donated QR 0.5 mn.
Even children made their bit of contribution to the campaign adding much to the excitement. Mohamed al-Kuwari got a special mention as the first kid to take part in the donation through Qatar TV. The Qatari kid donated QR 11,000.
Faisal Mohamed al-Emadi, Acting Secretary General, said QRCS launched a global initiative to register doctors and nurses as volunteers to support Gaza’s hospitals. So far, we have received more than 900 volunteer requests from inside and outside Qatar. They are ready to perform their medical and humanitarian tasks when the ground conditions allow,” al-Emadi said.
Ahmed Saleh al-Ali, member of the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA), said the ‘Palestine Duty’ campaign comes as a continuation of Qatar’s role in supporting and helping Palestinians in need.
Abdul Aziz al-Mahmoud, Head of Public Relations at QRCS, said that the campaign witnessed exciting participation from donors of all ages noting that both the citizens and residents are always supportive of all the humanitarian campaigns.Ahmed Yousef Fakhro, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of the Resource Development and Media said Qatar Charity launched relief activities with the participation of Qataris and the residents to support Gaza from the first day of Israeli aggression. “We have delivered aid and launched many relief campaigns with the participation of the people of Qatar ,” he said.
Dr Mohamed Salah Ibrahim, Director of Relief and International Development Sector at QRCS said a ship, with a capacity of 30 planeloads, will carry essentials collected from Qatar to Gaza.
From the city of Arish, QRCS volunteers Fatima al-Kuwari and Haiba al-Saadi joined the Qatar TV broadcast online. Al-Kuwari said she is glad to help the people in need noting that the QRCS is reaching out to the bereaved Palestinians in Gaza to extend relief.
Also, prominent preachers and Islamic scholars including Sheikh Abdulla al-Naama, Sheikh Khaled Abu Moza and Sheikh Mowafi Azab addressed the viewers on Qatar TV. The scholars encouraged the donors and prayed for them.
While participating in the ‘Palestine Duty’ drive, Qatar Charity and QRCS opened ‘windows’ on their official websites for donors.
RACA, in a statement, said the campaign provides relief to the victims of the aggression in the Gaza Strip, especially the injured, orphans, children, widows, pregnant women, and the elderly. The donations will be used to purchase urgently needed medicines, food, emergency shelter supplies, clothing, water, cleaning and hygiene supplies as well as children's and women's supplies for the people of Gaza.
“We are standing in support of our brothers and sisters in Palestine who are going through a tragic humanitarian situation. Our duty towards the people in Palestine is to make every effort to help them and alleviate their pain,” Qatar Charity said on its website.
The amount, raised through the campaign, will be used to provide decent livelihoods for 50,000 affected and displaced families and to improve their psychological and social situation. Also, the fund will be spent towards providing food, water and the basics of decent living for these families. Also, the health and education sectors will be supported through the campaign.
“The Palestine Duty relief campaign is aimed at standing up for the Palestinian people, by lending a helping hand to 100,000 people affected by the war on Gaza, at a total cost of QR 20 mn,” QRCS said on its website.
This generous initiative is aimed at alleviating the plight of the war-affected people of Gaza, who continue to grapple with the devastating consequences of conflict. The unprecedented fundraising effort not only underscores Qatar's commitment to global humanitarian causes but also serves as a beacon of hope for the beleaguered residents of Gaza, offering a lifeline in their struggle for survival and recovery.
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